Saturday, 8 December 2018

Muffin, 5yrs, Surrey

Muffin is a 5 year old girl at RSPCA South Godstone. Muffin originally came to us after a member of the family became allergic, in this home Muffin lived around a wide variety of animals, cats, dogs, chickens, rabbits (however she never lived with the rabbits). We then re-homed Muffin to live with another giant rabbit but after several months of trying to bond her it just did not work out. We feel that Muffin would like to find a home where she can live indoors and be the centre of attention, she is a clean girl and uses a tray. It would be good for Muffin to still have access outside during the nice weather so she can enjoy lying in the sun and munching on grass. We may be able to consider Muffin to live with a cat or dog providing they are gentle and have no prey drive, it will be important to let Muffin have her own area of the home and not to leave her unsupervised if animals in the home are present. Not only friendly but she is inquisitive and loves to explore, Muffin will eagerly approach people especially if she thinks food is involved. We feel she should be fine to live with primary school aged children. Muffin is a large rabbit and does not tolerate being picked up, if handled incorrectly there is a high risk of injury, therefore adults must be present during interactions. Muffin does love a fuss and enjoys a groom, she has a thick coat so we recommend grooming daily.

Read more about her here.

Friday, 7 December 2018

Maggie & Jake, 5yrs, Sunderland

Maggie and Jake are a 5 year old pair of Lionheads at Pawz for Thought. Maggie is a grey lionhead and Jake a brown/caramel lionhead. Both Maggie and Jake love to explore and don't mind rustling through leaves and bushes to find delicious plants to eat. They are both absolutely gorgeous. They will take treats from the hand and Jake will have a little stroke. They are used to consistent human contact and like to hop about you to see what you are up to. They've been very well looked after and are used to a large set up, a shed with a large attached run and lovely garden to bound about in. We are looking for a similar home so that they can transition to a new home well.

Read more about them here.

Sunday, 2 December 2018

Mulder, 5yrs, Glasgow

Mulder is a 5 year old boy at Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care. Mulder is a medium sized rabbit with beautiful, thick and fluffy fawn coloured fur. Although he is quite timid around new people, he is definitely cheeky and lets his humans know he's the boss! He loves to explore and is a nosy wee fella! Mulder has a prolapse - his vet said that this should be left as it is as it doesn’t affect him at all but just to keep an eye on it and make sure his hutch is kept clean and dry just to make sure no problems occur. Mulder would be best suited to a quiet household with adults or older children and where he would have lots of space to play and investigate. He really needs a bunny friend as he's very lonely and would love somebun to snuggle with.

Read more about him here.

Saturday, 1 December 2018

Cinnamon, 7yrs, Edinburgh

Cinnamon is a 7 year old girl at Scottish SPCA Edinburgh. Cinnamon is a laid back lady who enjoys being fussed over and likes a good brush, which is necessary grooming for with her long coat. She can be a bit lazy when it comes to self-grooming but luckily she will let you trim her nails and will even let you give her bum a little wash.

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Thursday, 29 November 2018

Stacy, 6yrs, Worcestershire

Stacy is a 6 year old girl at RSPCA Worcestershire. Stacy is a lovely girl who came in through our inspectors and lost her bunny friend. She is very adventurous and loves to run and explore but isn't so into being over handled.

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Sunday, 11 November 2018

Fudge, 7yrs, Isle of Wight

Fudge is a 7 year old boy at RSPCA Isle of Wight. Fudge is our longest resident here at the centre, he has been here since 2016, and we would dearly love for Fudge to find his forever home.

Read more about him here.

Friday, 2 November 2018

Lilly, 5yrs, West Midlands

Lilly is a 5 year old Dutch at Fat Fluffs. Lilly is an outgoing girl who knows shes the boss, she has a very strong character and isn't afraid to tell you when something isn't in the right place or when she's had enough cuddles. Lilly enjoys taking things at her own pace.

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